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The market place for sailboats and sailing yachts in Berlin

Sailing boats in Berlin - charter & sale Are you looking for a sailing boat for sale or for rent?
Welcome to Sailboats-Berlin. You can find many sailboats and sailing yachts lying in Berlin. Many interesting boats in Berlin, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg, from well-known boat traders and charter companies as well as private persons.

Do you want to sell a sailboat or sailing yacht?
We would recommend the market place If you insert Berlin or Mecklenburg under moorings, your boat will automatically be entered on these pages.

Are you a charter company with boats in Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg?
Just put your boats into h a p p y c h a r t e r . c o m. Boats lying in this region will also be offered here.

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Current charter offers of the week

Ixylon - Jelenchen (sailing dinghi)
Week-end rates from: EUR 180

sailboat, Length: 5.10 m, Cabins: 0, y.b.: 1976
Berth: Potsdam, Germany
Charter region: Havel River, Berlin, Brandenburg
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Bavaria 26 - Sophie (sailing cabin boat)
Weekly rate from: EUR 560

sailboat, Length: 7.80 m, Cabins: 2, y.b.: 1986
Berth: Berlin, Germany
Charter region: Havel River, Berlin, Brandenburg, Spree
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The latest boats

Gottschald/Rathenow Katamaran Format 33 - Sailing boat
Price: € 52,990.00

Year of manufacture: 1994, Length: 10.00 m, Width: 5.90 m
Second hand boat, Catamaran, Engine: Yamaha Motor Company 2 x 9 HP
Berth: Brandenburg - Plaue, Germany
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Jollenkreuzer 20er - Sailing boat
Price: € 14,990.00

Year of manufacture: 1990, Length: 8.20 m, Width: 2.60 m
Second hand boat, Engine: Yamaha Motor Company 15 HP
Berth: Magdeburg, Germany
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